The recomended use rate of TopFilm-F™ is ¼ pint to 1 pint per acre with treatments staying in place for up to 21 days of rain and irrigation.

TopFilm-F™ is a liquid foliar fertilizer biostimulant made from natural cereal grain Biocar® Microsponges™. The Microsponge technology absorbs, spreads, and coats active ingredients in the tank mix, providing farmers and applicators “rainfastness” and “weatherability” for crops.


Available in:

                           2.5-gallon jugs

                           55-gallon drums

                           275-gallon totes

Natural Products

Reducing crop stress

Since the natural-based formula of TopFilm-F™ does not contain penetrants, the material does not burn the cuticle of the leaves, fruit, flower or vegetables. It's adherence properties keep treatments such as foliar fertilizers, minerals, nutrients, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and algaecides, from readily washing-off.