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TopFilm-F™ is a liquid foliar fertilizer biostimulant made from natural cereal grain Biocar® Microsponges™. In addition to the absorptive properties that uptake, spread and coat on plant surfaces helping translocate treatments, it provides natural nitrogen from amino acids of grains, as well as, micronutrient minerals. When used with foliar fertilizers and crop protection ingredients, TopFilm-F reduces crop stress and provides UV protection. The added benefits of "rainfastness" and "weatherability" provide a sustained-release of foliar fertilizers and other ingredients. TopFilm-F can be used with delicate crops since its cereal grain coating provide reduced phytotoxicity. 

The recomended use rate of TopFilm-F™ is ¼ pint to 1 pint per acre with treatments staying in place for up to 21 days of rain and irrigation.

Available in:

                           2.5-gallon jugs

                           55-gallon drums

                           275-gallon totes


What is TopFilm-F™ and what does it do?

  • Foliar fertilizer biostimulant made from cereal grain materials. 

  • Organic Certification.

  • Adding organic nitrogen from amino acids and micronutrients.

  • Contains Biocar® microsponges that absorb, spread and coat materials in tank mix.

  • Adheres treatments, providing contact time and translocation of nutrients.

  • Provides rainfastness and weatherability, reducing wash-off and evaporation.

  • Protects from UV degredation which reduces sun scalding in fruits and vegetables.

  • Reduce phytotoxicity. 


How do you use TopFilm™? 

  • Fill tank ½ full of water.

  • Add crop protection agents and fertilizers at label rate. 

  • Continue filling to ¾ full, then add TopFilm-F™ (at 4 oz to 16 oz per acre or per 100 gallon rate)

  • Fill remainder of tank. 


Does it help our environment? 


Less phytotoxicity, reduce toxicity to non-target species,less chemical volume, less worker exposure

Effective treatments implies less chances of re-growth and less chances of fungicide/insecticide resistance

Natural Products

Reducing crop stress

Since the natural-based formula of TopFilm-F™ does not contain penetrants, the material does not burn the cuticle of the leaves, fruit, flower or vegetables. It's adherence properties keep treatments such as foliar fertilizers, minerals, nutrients, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, and algaecides, from readily washing-off.

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