Made by using Biocar® (natural cereal grain based

Microsponge™ technology), TopFilm™ absorbs the

treatment in the tank mix, delivers a uniform coating

while being sprayed and dries to form a protective

microsponge film which promotes rainfastness.

TopFilm™ dries in less than 30 minutes on the leaf

surface forming a porous protective film that allows transpiration through the stoma at a recommended use rate of 4-16oz per acre.

Available in:

     2.5-gallon jugs

                           55-gallon drums

                           275-gallon totes

Biosorb Products


Reduce Chemical Load

Adjuvants are tank additives that a grower or applicator

uses to maximize treatments of pesticidal applications.

The old technology uses synthetic or petroleum based

chemistry, which penetrates and seals the plants surface

causing injury to crops (or phytotoxicity).